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We're a hotel convention, not a comic con.

so what's the difference?

Welcome to a weekend of non-stop fun! At a hotel convention you stay at the hotel and eat, sleep, cosplay, swim, shop, and party all weekend from the comfort of your hotel room.  And unlike a comic-con, which closes for the day, there is something to do all the time, even late into the night!

Nothing beats partying all night and just hitting the elevator button to go to bed!


You'll have the best experience at Anime Lubbock by staying at the hotel, even if you live in town. 

The MCM offers a deep discount for Anime Lubbock members! It also has the best hotel breakfast we've ever had, and a bar with Anime-themed drinks. You won't get that at a Motel 6, senpai. 

TLDR: Stay at the hotel. Seriously. The convention experience is literally built around staying at the hotel. 



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